Looking Glass, Again


This February, the ETC Research Lab was fortunate to host some MS/HS Stillwater Public School teachers exploring classroom processes whose benefit could be strengthened through the integration of digital technology. We enjoyed playing with some of the gadgets in the Research Lab, mixing it up with the Hololens, and brainstorming ways the 3D printer could enrich the classroom environment. As part of our exploration, the teachers shared some of the challenges experienced when considering the integration of digital technology. It’s time to wipe the glass, to make room for new ideas, but I don’t have the heart to erase the challenges they noted without finding at least a couple possible solutions. Perhaps, if we all work together, we can get a bit closer. Below is a list of some of the “opportunities”:

  • Students (mis)use phones during tests
  • Students lack home access to digital technology
  • Classrooms are physically full, quite frequently holding 30 or more students
  • Limited Space/No money, resulting in limited access to digital technology
  • Varying levels of student technological fluency
  • Varying levels of student motivation to use digital technology (do they wanna?)
  • Students do not see the phone as an educational resource
  • Student engagement
  • New technology requires training time, sometimes takes longer to grade student work

How do you address these “opportunities” in your own world? We look forward to hearing from you!

~Kathy Essmiller


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