Monthly Archives: January 2018

Looking (at the) Glass


Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

Problems become ideas which become solutions. We have had quite a bit of traffic come through the ETC Research Lab this week, and all those visiting are encouraged to identify problems (opportunities!) they have seen so that we can collaborate to share ideas and develop solutions. What does the glass hold for us today? Read on, fellow sojourner! (Doesn’t that sound fun and dramatic, fraught with promise?)

How Can You Use the Resources of the ETC Research Lab to Grow Academically and Personally?

“I’m using the walking treadmill to help me reach my health goals”

“…to hone my skills of being a better pilot.”

“To help show my clients to see different ways of speech!”

“To help give me ideas for interventions for my patients.”

“Learn to fly the flight simulator”

Idea Space

“What skills do you want freshmen to have?”

“… to understand the switching tasks behavior of users while using the resources and space of the ETC Research Lab and how instant gratification plays a role and impacts the learning process.”

How can you twist and turn these ideas and suggestions to produce creative solutions? Stop by and jot your insights on the wall, let’s see what we can do!      ~KE