Need a Creative Brainstorming Activity? Try 3-12-3

At the Professional Education Council meeting yesterday, we tried the 3-12-3 Brainstorming activity and generated all kinds of great innovative ideas! Here’s what we did:

Organize into groups of two or three. You will need a stack of index cards. Complete the 3-12-3 Brainstorm activity as directed below:

Topic: Innovative Solutions to Oklahoma’s Teacher Shortage

3 Minutes: Generate a pool of aspects, or characteristics about Oklahoma’s Teacher Shortage. Write each characteristic on a separate index card. It may help to think in terms of nouns and verbs that come to mind when thinking about the subject or just to free-associate. No filtering at this point – just brainstorm! Bring all index cards to the front of the room, where they will be mixed together and randomly given to groups.

12 Minutes: Develop concepts from the set of cards your team is given. Brainstorm innovative solution ideas related to the cards you have been given. Questions like “Why is this a characteristic?” or “What do we already do that could address this?” may be helpful at this stage.

3 Minutes: Present to the full group the most innovative idea your team came up with.

Wrap-Up: Entire group reflection on any innovative ideas we should follow up on


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