Excuses to Fail

I love spending time in the T.E.C.H. Playground because I can fail…and it’s ok. Last week I spent 30 minutes on the flight simulator trying to get the plane off the ground. I crashed that sucker 15 times and walked away without a scratch! Imagine trying that in a real Cessna! Another instructor tried the 3-D printer for the first time yesterday. She aimed big – a six-inch model of the Eiffel Tower! However, two-thirds of the way through the process the model collapsed, and she realized she should have turned the object differently for it to print properly. It looks like a convincing Eiffel Tower when you view it from one angle, but turn it another and it looks like a tangle of badly cooked rice noodles.
No worries, though! Within this safe environment where trial and error leads to discoveries big and small, you can come try new technology that you’ve never tried before, and it’s okay to be bad at it. In fact, that’s the point. You can try out a Smartboard or Chromebook and develop some expertise before you crash and burn in front of a class.
If you have never made your way to 326 Willard, come see what you have been missing out on!


See, what did I tell you? Rice noodles.

~ Kathy and Tara


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