Guest Post by Ericka Lee

I don’t usually teach with my eyes closed. However, since the picture turned out this way, I thought it fitting and analogous to what my semester has been like until I visited the T.E.C.H. Playground. I knew there would be some cool toys to play with and probably some fun people to meet. However, it was these things and more! My eyes are now open to new ways of learning and playing.

On the day I came to the T.E.C.H. Playground, a group of high school students were visiting the school and stopped by to interact and experience all it had to offer. A Ph.D. student named Toby was teaching the young ladies how to interface all of the fun learning activities available. I was also interested in playing but primarily came to complete a homework assignment. I didn’t quite understand how to use the 3-D printer. Fortunately, Toby was very knowledgeable about the printer. He also helped me understand the software that talks to the printer. Having knowledgeable people in the lab kept my experience in the fun realm and out of the realm of frustration.


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