Teachable Moments

Sometimes when we teach, we leave the beaten track of content and discuss relevant topics of interest–sports, politics, or maybe current events. When we can, we prefer to learn something from these discussions, to be more aware, involved, or active.

This week, I shared a personal story with my undergraduate preservice teachers about the recent bomb threats at the Stillwater Middle School and Junior High School. We discussed the situations, my responses as a parent, and what they thought their reactions might be when they’re a parent and as a teacher in their future classrooms. The majority of students stated they would prefer to keep their own children at home after a threat like those here in Stillwater–safety was the prime motivator. The overwhelming response when I asked them what they would do as a teacher was one of adamancy–they want to be in the classroom with their students should anything like these events occur, they want to be the familiar face for their students in a time of crisis. They were focused on their relationships with students…I was very proud of their responses! I asked them to reflect on these events and our discussion–what we can learn from them, how we might react to future events.

What teachable moments have you had recently in your classes? What was the reaction from your students? Drop us a comment below or come by the T.E.C.H. Playground to chat about it!



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