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NASA’s new 3D printer

NASA recently launched a custom-built 3D printer to the International Space Station; the equipment was designed and built by Made in Space and delivered via a SpaceX resupply rocket.

In late November, astronauts aboard the ISS completed their first print–a replacement socket wrench. The wrench was designed here on earth and emailed to ISS.

This new technology could change how we design and plan missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. How could this technology change your field? How could it change your teaching? Come chat with us in the T.E.C.H. Playground about using our 3D printer!



Treadmill Desk

Our new LifeSpan Fitness treadmill desk is up and “running” in the College of Education T.E.C.H. Playground! Drop by 326 Willard and give it a try.

I’ve been walking on the treadmill for nearly three-quarters of an hour and think it’s great! toby


Ideas for Improving Writing in Any Class

This week in the T.E.C.H. Playground, we had great idea-sharing around improving writing in any class. Here are some of the ideas:

Keep writing logs.

Pick a great article in your field and have students copy the entire article in long hand.

Go through an article and highlight/write the key sentence from each paragraph. When you just read those, does it flow and make sense?

Use a reverse dictionary ( or

Read what you’ve written out loud or use accessibility tools on your computer to have it read back to you.

Use Roget’s Thesaurus ( or

Mind mapping

Writing Dump Activity: What? Why? When? Who? How?

Academic Words Activity: Take an article in your field and make a five column list of Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives/Adverbs, Transitions, and Interesting Phrases. Then, generate new sentences with one word from each column.

What great improving writing tips would you add?


Rural education challenges

How can the College of Education at Oklahoma State University help rural Oklahoma schools grow and hire their own effective teachers?

What does the research say about strategies that work? How does Distance Ed fit in that picture? How role could Alternative Certifications play?


Do administrators use social media to assess future teachers?

Lou Sabina is interested in researching school administrators’ use of social media to assess job applicants during the hiring process.

Do admins check out future teachers’ social media accounts before interviewing them? Does that practice affect the process? What are they looking for? In what ways could we use that information to better prepare our preservice teachers?