Using the T.E.C.H. Playground as a collaborative meeting space

We recently hosted a meeting for faculty and staff who are building international partnerships with an institution in Mexico. We’d like to pass along feedback we had about using this space for open, collaborative meetings. Vallory Vencill, College of Education Coordinator for International Studies and Off-Campus Programs, had the following to say:

The tech playground proved to be a great place to change a meeting into a guided discussion. We really wanted to get faculty members’ ideas about how their content or research interests could be developed with the OSU-Mexican partnerships, and the space and technology provided a relaxed and engaging atmosphere that got people talking. For example, around the perimeter of the room, monitors displayed pictures from the envoys’ trip to Puebla, which invited people to look around instead of staring straight ahead at a lecturer. Also, the playground is just the right size for a group of eighteen to sit comfortably and talk and be easily heard, so the presenters spread out around the room instead of sitting as a panel apart from group. The meeting actually went over in time because of all the ideas people were sharing, which is a marked difference from a meeting in a traditional lecture hall where the last slide says “Questions?” and everyone sits there quietly.

Should you be interested in holding a meeting in the space, let us know, we’ll be happy to work with you!



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