UnMeeting Monday: Interactive Technologies for Relevant Engagment

Want to see students more engaged in learning? Here are some tools that may be helpful to you!

Paper.li http://paper.li
Idea: Create a “paper” on the topic of your course for students to see the real-life applications. Here’s an example from EDTC 5403 Creativity and Innovation in Educational Technology: https://paper.li/susanstansberry/1359749619. An assignment might be for each student to share an item from the class paper they find interesting/surprising/confusing/curious.

#Tagboard https://tagboard.com
Idea: Keep up with the conversation on a topic related to your course by searching with a hashtag. Here’s an example of a search on the topic of college teaching: https://tagboard.com/collegeteaching/search. Students could analyze the discussion occurring on social media about this topic.

Diigo http://diigo.com
Idea: Create a shared library of resources for your students to add to and continue to use long after the class ends. Example: Ed Tech @ OSU https://groups.diigo.com/group/okstateedtech

Padlet http://padlet.com/
Google Drive http://drive.google.com
Idea: Use these tools for collaborative work.

Jing http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html
Idea: Have students do an online presentation with audio and visual information using Jing.

Pod-O-Matic https://www.podomatic.com
Idea: Give audio feedback to student work with a simple podcast, or have students post their own questions/explanations.

Flowboard https://flowboard.com
Idea: This is a great online presentation tool for students to present with.

Scribble Maps http://www.scribblemaps.com

QuikMaps http://quikmaps.com/




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