UnMeeting Monday: Interactive Tools for Rigorous Assignments

Today we played with all kinds of tools that could be used to increase the rigor of assignments. Here’s a list, but please add to it by responding to this post!

VideoANT http://ant.umn.edu
A video annotation tool that could be used in a flipped classroom scenario or for student responses/discussion to a video.

Scrible http://www.scrible.com/
Share a URL with students, and they can annotate websites with a variety of colors and styles, add sticky notes, categorize annotations, share with others via email, etc.

FlowBoard https://flowboard.com/
Have students create interactive presentations that are more like interactive apps.

TourBuilder http://tourbuilder.withgoogle.com
Have students create a visual timeline with geographical connections using this app and Google Earth.

Timeglider http://timeglider.com/
Have students create a multimedia timeline on a topic.

EduCreations https://www.educreations.com/
This is a iPad app students can use to create a quick narrated presentation using visuals and/or handwriting.

Explain Everything http://explaineverything.com/
This app is much the same as EduCreations but has more options.

Tellagami https://tellagami.com/
Have students create a presentation with an avatar as an actor.

Voki http://voki.com/
Create speaking avatars in English or other languages.

Blendspace http://blendspace.com
Create blended learning lessons so easily! You can also add assessments. So great for blending face-to-face with out-of-class activities.

Today’s Meet https://todaysmeet.com/
This is probably the easiest backchannel tool there is. You could make a backchannel available as you are lecturing. What else might you use this for?

Kahoot! https://getkahoot.com/
This is a game-based classroom response system for students to engage in on any device.

Socrative http://socrative.com/
A very useful tool to create a variety of online assessments.

Infuse Learning http://www.infuselearning.com/
Yet another useful tool for assessing student learning.


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