New Research Team on Curiosity

A group of curious scholars met in the T.E.C.H. Playground this morning to form a new research team on curiosity. Here are some of the questions we’ve brainstormed:

What is curiosity and how do you measure it? How do you build curiosity in your classroom culture? Are there skills that can be taught and practiced to make you more curious? What raises curiosity and for how long – can you sustain the curiosity over a long period of time? Learning environments and learning spaces – can one sustain better than another? Do senses play a factor in curiosity? Why aren’t you more curious about making learning fun? Teaching like you were taught – are you more curious if there are curious people around? Is curious contagious, is it infectious – what is the barrier to that curiosity and what prevents it? Is curiosity socially acceptable? Is curiosity inherent or learned? Can curiosity overcome other barriers? Do different disciplines define/value/reward curiosity differently?

Are you curious yet? If so, join us Monday mornings at 9:30am in 326 Willard!


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