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Issues facing Oklahoma Principals & Administrators

Toby Brown attended the Oklahoma Association of Secondary School Principals conference on Wednesday to help facilitate an afternoon of edcamp-style professional development (learn more about edcamp here & watch this great video). Principals and teachers developed their own sessions and discussed many topics of concern; these included:

  • professional social media use,
  • social media branding for schools,
  • student, parent, teacher, and admin engagement,
  • Google education
  • 1-to-1 technology initiatives,
  • testing and Oklahoma assessment initiatives,
  • and teaching without textbooks.

How are we addressing these issues in our administration courses here in the College? In what ways can we continue to develop our involvement with principals and admins in Oklahoma schools?

Drop us a comment or come by the TECH Playground (326 Willard) to chat about it!



Walking Desks

John Romans is interested  in the health benefits of using a treadmill desk. He proposes a pilot study of 5-10 faculty members/staff. Is anyone in HHP interested in a study of using such things?

People already interested: Jenn Sanders, Jeesse Mendez, Tim Schlais


Coding Research

Julie Croff recommends Amazon Mechanical Turk as a tool for outsourcing coding for research.

Here is the URL to the site:


Telepresence Robots

Julie Croff posits that telepresence robots are a cost effective way to save Tulsa faculty time, fuel, and money (while also reducing our carbon footprint!). In what ways might you use our Telepresence robot?

Tell us your thoughts!


Tool for Running Records

Julie Enslow says using Google forms is a possible way to run records in a K12 classroom. Judy Nalon asks: Who owns that data; could a user agreement aid this?

Please give us your thoughts.


GoPro for Discussions

Elizabeth Albright suggests using a GoPro HD video camera to get an inside perspective of team-based discussions. Tell us what you think about this. Have any other ideas about ways to use Go Pro?


Student emotions and learning

Dr. Kristen Dinneen asks: what factors contribute to student learning? How do students’ emotions affect their level of attentiveness and productivity in class? Some students may not feel comfortable in expressing or confronting their emotions, especially when they are grieving.

How can we help these students?

Leave us a comment about your thoughts!