Trying New Instructional Strategies

In designing the EDTC 5113 Digital Media Production course for June, I posed the question to a group of creative thinkers in an Un-Meeting Monday of how to do a better job of differentiating instruction when students came into a course with varying levels of knowledge and skill. What resulted from that group brainstorming was a course featuring assignments constructed as menus, and it worked fabulously!

The Introduction Assignment required students to post what they considered to be their best digital media product created to date and evaluate using a standard evaluation guide. This gave me the opportunity 1) to get a general idea of each student’s experience and knowledge level, 2) introduce them to a framework to be used throughout the course for best practices of digital media production, and 3) facilitate class introductions. 

The Menu 1 Assignment featured a variety of different activities to choose from that covered the same basic content: video annotation with VideoANT, text with video examples, website with annotations in Scrible, response to text with a podcast. I noticed that even though only one completed activity was required, many students did more than one! 

The Menu 2 Assignment began with content on “learning to learn any technology” for everyone, but then they selected three projects from a menu including augmented reality, digital storytelling, web-based video delivery, interactive web via HTML5, geospatial annotation and visualization, digital animation, digital game development, and transmedia books. Again, I noticed students trying out more than just the required three once they saw others’ posts. 

The Menu 3 Assignment description I gave them is copied below along with the link to what they created as a class: an online learning community open to anyone where they can continue to learn, share and collaborate! 

EDTC 5113 Digital Media Production Menu 3 Assignment

sunrise from my front porch June 25, 2014

sunrise from my front porch June 25, 2014

Sunrises and sunsets have been sort of a metaphor for me through these three weeks of class — could be because I do love teaching online from my front porch hammock swing and this month has been gorgeous! Plus, all the shades of colors both bright and dark certainly represent for me moments of epiphany and success blended artfully with moments of doubt and struggle with digital media production. Learning is gorgeous. 

Also, many in this class are graduating this summer with a well-earned M.S. in Educational Technology, and many others are taking this as their first class in the program. As we hope both groups (and those in between) see, Ed Tech @ OSU has a family feel to it that will be important to you as you continue your professional journeys. I graduated from this M.S. program in 1991 and all these years later, four of my main “go to” people in the field were fellow learners in my masters coursework. 

In this spirit, I’d like to try something a bit new and different for this assignment. As learners in general, we tend to want to share what we’ve learned with others, particularly when its something we’re proud of or passionate about. For this assignment, I’d like to take the professional learning community we’ve built and open it up to others we’d like to share with. We (our class) represent a focus on improving formal and informal learning across business, industry, and education. We all have fellow learners (I’m lumping groups like work colleagues and students into the broad category of learners because I hope we all get to experience a true “learning organization) who look to us at times to gain knowledge and skills. With these fellow learners in mind, think about what you’ve learned in this class that you would like to share with them to extend their own learning experience. 

Their product: Okstate EdTech Digital Media Production PLC community in Google+ 


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