teaching & learning are like…

Dr. Bert Jacobson dropped by the TECH Playground recently and joined a conversation about metaphors for teaching & learning. He likened them to an interest of his–mountain climbing (that’s metaphor relates, don’t you think?!). Here are a few bullet points that emerged from the chat:

  • experiential. the more you do an activity, the better you become at preparing for it, doing it
  • adjustments/adaptation. reacting to new challenges is related to experience of doing the activity
  • critical thinking. reflecting on the activity, imagining/envisioning challenges that may occur
  • situational. also based on experience, being able to read the terrain/situation and knowing how to act/react
  • equipment. choice of tools improves with experience, continual search for newer/better/more efficient tools to make the task easier

think of an interest you have that relates to teaching and learning. come share with us in 326 willard or drop us a comment below!




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