technology & generation gaps

Dr. Susan Stansberry is curious about the effects of technology in the classroom…could the technologies we use to teach and students use to learn increase a familial gap between students and parents?

what are your experiences with technology as a bridge or a barrier within families? how have you adapted to either?

please drop us a comment or come by the TECH Playground to chat about it!



One response to “technology & generation gaps

  1. Sheri Vasinda April 17, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    Our family has had lots of fun connecting with family “text-fests”. Often one of us shares a funny or interesting observation or memory, and we spend the day commenting on this group text. We’re scattered from NYC to Seattle and it helps us feel connected. We also use Skype for birthdays. We’ll sing and “blow out” candles across the continent. My grandson facetimes me. Technology is helping us stay connected.

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