educational videos–HD or Just-in-Time?

Nicole, our neighbor from CRSTL, stopped by the TECH Playground recently to chat about educational video creation. we know that faculty make instructional videos to introduce, clarify, and explore concepts for their students.

she specifically mentioned an engineering professor who makes brief videos that address student needs. In contrast to that practice, she brought up professional, HD-quality videos such as those produced by PBS.

her question revolved around the effectiveness of the videos–does it depend on video quality, timeliness, or faculty time investment in the process, or perhaps a combination of factors?

Professional videos often are more visually appealing, being shot in HD, are typically targeting larger, more general audiences, and require more time & resources to produce.

Faculty videos may be shot with webcams or mobile phones, usually target specific student questions, concerns, and needs, are often created just-in-time to address those needs, and lastly, require less time and resources to produce.

so…how do we use those differently in our classes? how can we measure the effectiveness of both kinds of video?

leave us a comment or come by the Playground to chat about it!







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