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Learning Styles?

Learning Styles?

Today’s Faculty Focus post was all about Learning Styles — wondering what you all think about this?


Students & Social Media…

Drs Pam Brown and Susan Stansberry had a discussion recently in the TECH Playground about a growing trend in the college.

students are utilizing social media to construct private groups to discuss classes and instructors. the results of these conversations are being revealed in course evaluations.

what, if any, data can we glean from these practices? what can we learn from these experiences? how can it affect how we teach/interact/etc in class? are these challenges for us to improve how and what we do?

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Student comments in the Playground

we’ve been hosting a slew of Educational Technology courses in the TECH Playground, lately!

we’re hearing some great ideas from our undergrads–i’ll share a few today.

Kori Schultz wishes that Elementary Ed majors could have an Intro to Elem Ed during the second semester of coursework. specifically, she’d like a focus on lesson plans and portfolios.

Tashia Smith commented: “i love the Playground! it’s pretty much my favorite place on the planet. i’m so glad i didn’t graduate ten years ago, just so I can play in here!”

think about bringing your classes to 326…it’s an open, flexible space where ideas just happen!


question–connections across content

how do your students talk about how they use technology, multimedia resources, etc to make connections across content areas? what evidence do you see about those bridges between courses and content?

how do you and your colleagues use technology and other resources to make those connections?

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technology & generation gaps

Dr. Susan Stansberry is curious about the effects of technology in the classroom…could the technologies we use to teach and students use to learn increase a familial gap between students and parents?

what are your experiences with technology as a bridge or a barrier within families? how have you adapted to either?

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educational videos–HD or Just-in-Time?

Nicole, our neighbor from CRSTL, stopped by the TECH Playground recently to chat about educational video creation. we know that faculty make instructional videos to introduce, clarify, and explore concepts for their students.

she specifically mentioned an engineering professor who makes brief videos that address student needs. In contrast to that practice, she brought up professional, HD-quality videos such as those produced by PBS.

her question revolved around the effectiveness of the videos–does it depend on video quality, timeliness, or faculty time investment in the process, or perhaps a combination of factors?

Professional videos often are more visually appealing, being shot in HD, are typically targeting larger, more general audiences, and require more time & resources to produce.

Faculty videos may be shot with webcams or mobile phones, usually target specific student questions, concerns, and needs, are often created just-in-time to address those needs, and lastly, require less time and resources to produce.

so…how do we use those differently in our classes? how can we measure the effectiveness of both kinds of video?

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