Monthly Archives: February 2014

introducing new concepts

Dr. Katye Perry stopped by the Playground and wanted to know about effective ways to introduce new topics to novice learners. Specifically, how might we introduce unfamiliar topics in non-traditional means such as lectures and discussion groups.

She’s interested in program evaluation terminology…how do you acquaint students to new concepts, terms, practices? What kinds of vectors do you use for familiarizing them for the students?

leave us a comment or drop by the Playground to chat!



Using games with movement to stimulate your brain

Christy Lang visited the Playground this morning and played a round of Just Dance; she commented “this is a great way to clear your head…to give yourself a ‘brain break’.”

Dr. Jennifer Volberding stopped in as the game was ending and mentioned the large body of research on the relationship between brain activity and movement. And, it turns out, exercise makes us happy! She also stated that Athletic Trainers have used popular game titles such as Dance Dance Revolution to develop athletes’ coordination.

We also know that playing video games can induce brain plasticity but, is there evidence that playing movement-based video games is beneficial? leave us a note or drop by the playground to discuss. but be careful, i’ll talk you into dancing!


Humor in online classes

Dr. Vogler dropped by this week and wrote on our wall!

She and Dr. Stansberry discussed the use of humor in face-to-face and online instruction.

Dr. Vogler asked: “What role does humor play in online (content-based) discourse? How is humor employed in an online course?”

here’s an initial google scholar search:

what do you think? how do you teach with humor in your f2f classes? how do you use humor in online contexts?


online interactive tutoring

Dr. Duhon stopped by the Playground yesterday to grab a 3d-printed purple (!) chain and to chat about using online tutoring resources to help students learn basic math skills. he developed a successful tool in the past that he used for research, but the technology hasn’t remained current. do you have any interest in creating a tool for your content area or research? if so, please leave a comment or come by to chat!


student teaching performance

Dr. Dugger has started using online productivity tools to document her observations of student teachers. She is able to create a narrative and send it to the student for timely feedback.

she’s also interested in adding a video component to the observation–she’d like to do so with her tablet. would this work for you in your observations of student teachers’ performances? if so, leave a comment or drop by the Playground to chat!


using gaming systems for rehabilitation

Dr. Passmore dropped in last week and discussed the use of the nintendo wii gaming platforms in hospitals and rehab facilities. professionals in the field are using the devices for to get patients moving after strokes & injuries; they’re also using them to work on kinesthetic sequencing, and in speech and recreational therapies.


this is a growing trend in the field…some research may be found here:


using video to supplement instruction

Drs Croff and Harris came in to explore ways of capturing handwriting and voice for instructional videos for their classes.

we’re looking at using camtasia for this purpose…do you have any experience with it? what do you think? leave a comment or stop by to chat!