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technology in the K-12 classroom

wanted to share a thought-provoking piece from last summer on tech use in schools–what’s working, barriers, lessons learned, etc.



Resource for Teaching Stats

Check out one of Dr. Steve Harrist’s favorite sites for teaching/learning stats:

Cultural and global awareness

Dr. Ryter stopped by the Playground and discussed a research interest focusing on student teachers’ development & growth of their cultural awareness following student teaching abroad experiences. She asks: how are they bringing their overseas experiences into their classrooms for their own teaching and their students’ learning?

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Faculty role in student engagement

Dr. Stern (COE Emeriti faculty) stopped by the Playground this week and asked:

Are students learning more strictly via technology or are faculty members doing more work trying to make the content easier & more engaging for students?

what do you think? leave us a comment.


Delivering Instruction Online

Dr. Vogler stopped by the Playground and discussed moving online classes beyond the discussion board.

How can we improve content delivery and facilitate student engagement with that content in online classes?

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learning through online conversations

Dr. Vogler asks: How does online conversation and collaboration influence individual learning?

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toby wants to know:

how are you using textbooks in your classes? why are you using textbooks in your classes?

are students reading in your classes? are you motivating them to read or are they doing it on their own?


Finding balance…

A visitor to the Playground left the following suggestion:

“Don’t just teach the material on the test, use the material to teach concepts that will help students in their post-school future.”

what do you think–how do we strike the balance between preparing students for a test and for life?

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To read or not to read…

Dr. Tim Passmore asks a great question: How do I get my students to read?

what strategies do you use to encourage students to read your course materials?

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GPS and 3D imaging

Lowell Caneday and Nicky Wu are using 3D LIDAR aerial photography and GPS data to plot the geography of state parks in their classes and are interested in printing a 3D model of the park.

and, we made a connection! Gary Utley (husband of STCL Faculty member Juliana Utley) has access to LIDAR topology maps of all of Oklahoma. Hope that’s helpful!