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Let’s talk augmented reality!

Dr. Chad Depperschmidt is thinking about a mobile app to use in teaching airport terminal exercises.



Anyone interested in Lego Robotics?

Dr. Juliana Utley and Dr. Steve Marks may want to collaborate!

How can we use technology to be more innovative with our research methodology?

Breathalyzer – Dr. Julie Croff
Hacked Ed – Toby Brown
Create 3D models of regression planes – Dr. Mwarumba Mwavita
Faculty and students discussing research ideas on this blog!

What would you add to the list?

Note taking on mobile devices

Did you know doodling while note taking improves retention? Come in and check out some great mobile apps like Paper 53, Penultimate, or Noteledge!


Great quotes

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” -Albert Einstein

We don’t quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quit playing!

Idea: Measuring physical and emotional responses to stress

Drs. Aric Warren, Susan Stansberry, Steve Harrist and Sue Jacobs are interested in measuring physical and emotional responses to stresses impacting:

    Student learning
    Learning technologies

What else?

During this discussion Dr. Harrist came up with the idea of building a model for visualizing emotions. Someone better jump on here and explain that to us!

Also discussed was the parallel between modulating emotions and flying an airplane. Do you feel a metaphor in the making?!

Idea: Apply a theoretical model from one discipline to another

Dr. Suzii Parsons knows all about the Transaction Model for teaching reading, and Dr. Susan Stansberry is curious about applying that model to teachers learning to teach with technology. What do you think?

Idea: Teaching Concepts

Katie, an Elementary Education major, contributed the importance of not just teaching

the material on the test, use the material to teach concepts that will help students in their post-school future.

Idea: Starting an Online Journal

Dr. Tyler Tapps is interested in starting an online journal and wonders how to grow readership and scholarship. Any creative ideas out there?!

Idea: Learn to Code; Code to Learn

Does anyone else wonder if building computational thinking improves learning in all areas? Drs. Susan Stansberry and Penny Thompson do! Please join their conversation!